For Fundraisers

Fundraiser’s Action & Procedure Plan

Diocesan fundraisers will find materials and resources on this page to assist in the implementation of the Catholic Gift Annuity program provided in partnership with Catholic Church Extension Society. Click the sections below to find information, downloadable resources and more.

Step 1: Getting Started
This section contains information for the dioceses interested in learning more about the Catholic Gift Annuity program and necessary paperwork to participate.
• Catholic Gift Annuity Overview (PDF)
• Introducing Catholic Gift Annuity Presentation (PDF)
• Fundraising Action and Procedure (PDF)
• Memorandum of Understanding – Diocese (PDF)
• Memorandum of Understanding – Foundation (PDF)
• Participating Diocese Listing (PDF)
• State Registrations (PDF)

Step 2: Creating Awareness
This section contains instructions on customizing marketing material as well as other examples of promotional material available assist in the promotion the Catholic Gift Annuity program.

Rate Illustration Handout (Word Document) (Use a non-Chrome browser to download)
CGA Ad Template (PDF)
• Standard Tri Fold Brochure (PDF)
• Instructions on Customizing Marketing Material and Examples (PDF)
• Promotional Resources and Examples (PDF)
• Widget- Links to Catholic Gift Annuity Website (ZIP)
• New CGA Payout Rates (PDF)
Bulletin Announcements, New (PDF)
• Sample Letter From Bishop (PDF)
• Sample letter to diocesan priests – Catholic Gift Annuity Program (PDF)
• Disclosure Statement (PDF)

Step 3: Working with Donors
This section contains tools for development staff to help educate potential donors on the benefits of establishing Catholic Gift Annuity.
• Rates (PDF)
Gift Calculator (Link)
• Disclosure Statement (PDF)
• Illustration Immediate One Life Example (PDF)
• Illustration Two Lives Example (PDF)
 Illustration Deferred Annuity Example (PDF)
• Application (PDF)
• IRS W-9 (PDF)
• Stock Donation Instructions (PDF)

Step 4: Establishing the Annuity Contract
This section contains instructions on document flow in establishing a Catholic Gift Annuity.

• Instructions on Establishing an Annuity Contract (PDF)
• Immediate One Life Contract Example (PDF)
• Two Lives Contract Example (PDF)
• Deferred Annuity Contract Example (PDF)

Step 5: Post Donation Administration and Reporting
This section contains examples communications sent to donors’ as well as change of address and direct deposit forms. Additional examples of diocesan reporting are also included.

• Donor Bank and Tax Mailings Samples (PDF)
• Donor Address Change Form (PDF)
• Donor Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
• Diocese Reporting (PDF)
• Termination Process (PDF)

Additional Resources
This section contains additional resources for development staff.
• Disclosure Statement (PDF)
• Widget (ZIP)
• Participating Diocese Listing (PDF)
• State Registrations (PDF)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Tom Riordan or call 831-645-2827.